Laminate flooring looks wonderful but if you want something that is a little out of the ordinary for a child’s room check out colored laminate. The options for this flooring are great and they will give the room its own personalized look. The colors can be matched to the décor of the room. This idea is also great for a kitchen or recreation room.

This flooring is not glued or nailed. It interlocks and no worries about it coming apart. If installed correctly it will last for years. The underlayment is used the same as for regular laminate. When you decide to use this type of flooring, it needs to be put in the room where it is to be used and left in the package for at least 48 hours. This will allow the flooring to become stable.

The great thing about this flooring is it can be put down over the old flooring. It must be level and not have any uneven spots. The room air temperature, floor temperature, and humidity of the room need to be within certain levels before installing this flooring. It must be maintained at these levels during and for three days after you install the laminate.

The colors are warm and inviting. Orange American birch is a beautiful color that could be added to any room depending upon your preferences. A green, yellow, and blue birch are also available to match the room in which you choose to install this flooring. Mauve, almond, and gold teak can make that room all the more special by lending the great look of teak. Team it up with a border to match and you have a one of a kind room that is sure to please.

Colored Laminate Flooring

The colored laminate flooring is just as strong and easy to take care of as the hardwood look or the stone look. It should be taken care of according to the manufacturer’s directions to ensure that it lasts for a long time. There is no need for strong chemicals to clean it or wax. The high-end look will last for many years if it is cleaned with a mild cleaner.

The flooring is resistant to marks from heavy furniture although you should always use furniture coasters under heavy pieces to keep them from scratching any floor. It is water repellent so spills can be cleaned up easily. Holding up to heavy traffic and keeping its great look is one reason many people decide to choose this beautiful flooring for any room in which they want a unique look.

Children will love their own special color of laminate flooring in their room. It can be matched to the wall color choice you have used in their room. If your son is a Sponge Bob fanatic, a yellow birch color would go great with this décor. For a little girl’s room, a mauve color will make her room special and just for her. A recreation room would be great with a green or blue birch depending upon your wall color and your own personal preference.