Best Flooring For Bedroom

How To Choose The Best Flooring For Bedroom?

Bedrooms are our personal safe-havens. We spend considerable time in them. We go there to sleep, relax, unwind, and reflect. So, it comes as no surprise that choosing the right flooring for the bedroom is a big decision that requires due consideration.

There are numerous flooring options in the market for the bedroom. Soft flooring options include carpet considered to be the king of bedrooms and natural fiber flooring options such as sisal and jute. Hard flooring options include timber, tiles, polished concrete, vinyl, laminate, cork, and rubber.

With so many options to choose from, what factors do you consider to identify the best bedroom flooring?

How to Choose Bedroom Flooring


The color of the flooring will play a key role in setting the mood for the bedroom. Many homeowners like to choose neutral colors for their flooring so it can tie in with just about any kind of decor. Neutral colors are available in most flooring options. However, those wishing to make a statement with a bold color will find their flooring options limited as many don’t come in wide-ranging colors. The best bet for such people is carpet or vinyl, which come in a broad range of colors.


If allergies are an issue, then that becomes an influential factor in deciding the flooring for the room. It is commonly believed that carpets are less suited to people with allergies as they tend to trap dust mites and allergens in them. Hard flooring is seen as a better option for people with allergies as it is easy to rid them of dust mites and germs compared with carpets.

Foot Traffic

Some bedrooms see much heavier foot traffic than others. Heavy foot traffic areas need durable, low-maintenance flooring options that are easy to clean such as vinyl and timber. Carpets can quickly lose their luster and shine in heavy traffic areas and might need replacing more frequently than other flooring options.

Whose Bedroom Is It

If it is the master bedroom in need of flooring, then the focus is likely to be on creating an intimate, cozy mood. A lush carpet or hardwood flooring would best serve the purpose. On the other hand, if it is a child’s bedroom, then the focus shifts to low-maintenance, easy-to-clean options such as vinyl, rubber, or cork. However, carpet is never out of the run as its softness provides a safe environment for children and it provides insulation, which helps reduce the ambient noise generated from children playing or stomping in the room.

Personal Preference and Requirements

A bedroom is considered to be an extension of the person living in it. So the flooring will be a reflection of the person’s preferred style. Some might want their flooring to make a dramatic statement and choose stone tiles for effect. Others may want loads of character in their room and choose timber for it.

Additionally, it is also about what is needed for the bedroom. Do they need insulation to cut down on noise generation and heat escape? Do they need something soft to touch for their feet, or a textured feel is the requirement? Also, what flooring is there in the rest of the house? Do they want to have the same look all across the house or wish to keep it different yet coordinated?


A consideration of all these factors combined will help you arrive at the best bedroom flooring option. Keep in mind that there is no single universally applicable answer. What’s the best bedroom flooring for you is depends entirely on your unique set of circumstances.