Best Flooring for Kitchen

How to Choose The Best Flooring for Kitchen?

The kitchen is the workhorse of a home. Its flooring is commonly exposed to spills, leaks, accidents, and sudden temperature changes. At the same time, being the very heart of your home, the kitchen plays a key role in affecting the overall aesthetics of the household.

Choosing the right kitchen flooring, therefore, requires careful consideration of a range of different factors. Some of the commonly used kitchen flooring materials are ceramic or porcelain tiles, wood, cork, bamboo, linoleum, vinyl, laminate, and rubber.

Here, we take a look at the factors that need to consider when deciding on which flooring to install in your kitchen.

What Is The Most Durable Flooring for Kitchen?

The kitchen tends to have heavy foot traffic and is often witness to spills and heavy appliances, utensils, or crockery crashing into the floor. So, it goes without saying that, when choosing kitchen flooring, it is essential to choose one that is durable.

Ceramic tiles, including porcelain, bamboo, laminate, concrete, and vinyl floorings are all considered extremely durable, which makes them very popular options for kitchens among homeowners.

While hardwood flooring and natural stone tile are also very durable, the fact that they are susceptible to water makes them less suited to kitchen flooring than the others.

Kitchen Flooring

What Is The Latest Trend in Kitchen Flooring?

When choosing your kitchen floor, you will want to choose something that is currently trending so your kitchen can remain relevant and aesthetically pleasing. Some of the most popular kitchen flooring trends these days are:

  • Bold, Herringbone, and Hexagon patterned floors: One of the most popular trends these days is to go for herringbone parquetry-look patterns or hexagon patterns in bold, contrasting colors. This look can be achieved by luxury vinyl sheets, which have recently seen a rise in popularity.
  • Light-colored flooring: White and gray-colored flooring has become very popular, particularly for homeowners going for a contemporary, clean style. Light-colored flooring is especially helpful in giving the kitchen a spacious, bright look. These light colors are commonly available in laminate and tiles.
  • Dark-timbered flooring: Homeowners looking to create a sophisticated warmth in their kitchen will find this flooring trend ideal. It involves using dark-timber colored boards, and this look can be achieved not just by hardwood but by other flooring options too such as laminate and tiles.

Should The Kitchen Floor Match The Living Room Floor?

A commonly asked question is ‘should we match the kitchen flooring with the living room’s?’. Generally, if it is an open plan living then matching the kitchen and living room flooring gives a sense of cohesion and creates the illusion of a bigger space.

However, if you have a carpeted living room then your kitchen is better off not matching.

Additionally, if your kitchen is completely separate from your living room or on a different level, then going with a different flooring option is a practical option.

Which Flooring is Easy To Clean And Maintain?

Considering the fact that most kitchen work is messy leading to frequent spills and stains, it is extremely important to have a kitchen floor that does not stain easily and is a breeze to clean.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are among the easiest to clean, low-maintenance, and virtually impervious to stains.

Laminate, linoleum, and concrete are also among the easy-to-clean options that make them worthy of consideration for kitchen flooring.

Best Kitchen Flooring

Which Kitchen Flooring is Comfort?

For many people who spend a significant proportion of their time in the kitchen, comfort becomes an influencing factor, in which case softer flooring options would be best, namely cork, linoleum, and laminate.

What Are Your Personal Preferences and Requirements?

A home is an expression of those who live in it. Thus, what kitchen flooring is best will also depend on the personal preferences and requirements of the homeowner.

Is your style of home decor contemporary, farmhouse, or industrial? Your flooring preferences will change accordingly.

Additionally, do you want flooring that retains heat or absorbs noise? Cork would be the best for that.

Do you want a look of luxury? Natural stone screams opulence.

Are you looking for bold colors and patterns? Ceramic or porcelain tiles come with the widest range of design options.

What kind of foot traffic do you expect in the kitchen and how much time will be spent cooking in the kitchen? All these personal factors will hugely influence the choice of kitchen flooring.


At the end of the day, a combined consideration of all these factors will help you choose the best kitchen flooring. Take your time and assess every aspect because whatever decision you make, you will live with it every day for years to come.