High Gloss Porcelain Floor Tiles Protection

How To Protect Your High Gloss Porcelain Floor Tiles From Scratching

Modern-day architects and interior designers have fallen for the glossy look given by the porcelain floor tiles. The high gloss porcelain floor tiles add glamour and beauty to the room. Nevertheless, the high gloss porcelain floor tiles require extra care to keep this beauty everlasting. The porcelain floor tiles with high glossy finishes are vulnerable to visible scratches.

In the tile industry, it is generally accepted that tiles with a glossy finish have lower scratch resistance. The high gloss porcelain floor tiles are usually rated as having a hardness of 3 (calcite) and the sand (silica) is rated around 7. Therefore, sand or even other substances with lower MOHS ratings can easily scratch the surface of high-gloss porcelain floor tiles.

High Gloss Porcelain Floor Tiles

Below we have listed a few measures one can pursue to avoid getting scratches on their high gloss porcelain floor tiles.

  • When removing tiles from packaging boxes, avoid pulling the tiles out individually as the dragging of the tile may scratch the surface of the next piece that is still in the box. It is best to remove the whole stack from the box and lift each piece individually.
  • For regular maintenance, sweep the floor to clean abrasive dirt such as sand before mopping.
  • Do not drag or pull anything across a glossy tiled surface. Especially when moving the furniture, it is recommended to lift the furniture up and reposition it where ever it is needed by setting it down.
  • When in the process of placing or constructing the flooring and tiles, use grouts with no sand component because loose sand from grout can cause scratching on the surface of tiles caused by foot traffic.
  • Place a good doormat to trap dirt at the doorstep. This is especially important when the glossy area is close to an external door.