Wood Flooring Color Difference Problems

How To Solve Wood Flooring Color Difference Problem?

Firstly, Why Is There A Color Difference in Hardwood Flooring?

The reason for the chromatic aberration of the floor is generally due to the difference in the variety, origin, color, texture, etc., the surface of the wood flooring usually has chromatic aberration.

1. The color difference between tree roots and treetops

Some hardwood flooring is made of tree roots, and some are made of treetops, and the color near the roots is deep, and the color near the treetops is shallow.

2. The color difference between the bark and the tree heart

The place near the bark on the wood floor is light in color and weight, and the place near the center of the tree is dark and heavy.

3. The processing method leads to the color difference

The floor wood processing method is different, some are cut into diameter, some are cut by strings, and the texture of the floor is inconsistent after processing. The two floors of different wood grains will inevitably have a color difference.

Wood Flooring Color Difference Reasons

4. The installation factor causes the color difference

Because there is a color difference in the floor itself, if the installation worker does not observe and compare the floor color during the installation, it will be obvious to put the two floors with a large color difference together.

5. Environmental factors lead to chromatic aberration

The color of the floor near the window is generally brighter than the color of the floor in the dark position. This is mainly due to the visual floor color difference caused by sunlight.

Secondly, Is The Color Difference A Quality Problem?

The color difference of wood flooring is determined by natural properties. The materials in different parts of the wood are different in density, and the degree of absorption of light and paint is different. Therefore, sometimes the colors on both sides of the same floor will appear dark and have different textures, and this color difference is not only on solid hardwood flooring but also exists on any solid wood products. Therefore, the floor color difference is not a quality problem!

how to solve wood flooring color difference

Thirdly, How to Solve The Problem?

If you don’t like the color difference, you can put the wood floor that has a color difference problem under the bed, closet, and sofa to reduce the visual difference. In fact, the color difference of wood flooring is a natural beauty that is lacking, and the chromatic aberration of the wrong one will be more artistic.