12MM Milling Process Scratch Resistance Oak Laminate Flooring

The designer pursues a natural floor based on natural solid wood color and oak grain, suitable for modern minimalist Nordic style.

The surface of the plate has fine gold wood grain, and coarse or black order match, strewn at random have send, make the whole family more elegant and natural.


Four Core Advantages:

  • Milling process: Using the latest floor making process, the required grooves are milled on the surface of the substrate, and then the wood grain paper and the wear layer are bonded together under high temperature and high pressure conditions.
  • Better waterproof function: Add about 16 kg of paraffin wax per cubic substrate to make it have better waterproof performance.
  • Simulated wood grain: It adopts German flower color paper, which does not fade in 20 years, and the color is realistic and the level is strong.
  • High wear resistance: the surface layer is made of aluminum oxide, commonly known as “artificial diamond”, anti-static and super wear-resistant, more than enough to deal with the wear and tear in life.