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Midnight Maple Hardwood For Home

A wide 7” plank with muted charcoal tones and a refined grain pattern make a very distinguished and stylish statement. TheMete natural beauty with uncommon durability. Exclusive UltimateShield™ technology —a crystal clear top layer—makes Midnight Maple Hardwood up to 5 times more durable than ordinary wood floors. Floors stay newer longer, resists stains, scuffs and micro-scratches, even nail polish, permanent marker, glue, and paint will not penetrate the surface.

  • 1/2” engineered hardwood flooring
  • Can be installed on, above or below grade
  • Lifetime limited residential warranty against wear
  • Finished in the USA
  • FloorScore® certified and meets or surpasses industry standards for environmental safety

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December 18th, 2015


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Home Midnight Maple Hardwood Floor Detail 01
Home Midnight Maple Hardwood Floor Detail 02