4 Quick Ways to Install Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Today prefinished hardwood flooring is beautiful, durable, and a great investment for any home. These installation instructions go over the essential things you'll need to know during your prefinished hardwood installation. Hardwood Installation Methods You can install prefinished hardwood flooring with one of these methods:Glue Down – For solid hardwood above wood or concrete subfloors.Nail/Staple [...]

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The Quick Way to Install Vinyl Flooring

With so many options available today, resilient vinyl is one of the most popular floor coverings for your home or office. Below are the essential things you'll need to know during your vinyl flooring installation. VINYL FLOORING INSTALLATION METHODS Vinyl is installed one of three ways depending on the type of vinyl [...]

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Back to Basics in Wood Floor Installation Patterns

Your choice of wood floor installation patterns doesn't have to be a choice between your mind and heart. You should always go for what you lore while also considering the limits of the dough in your pocket. Wood floors offer quality flooring besides their aesthetic value. They enhance the warmth of your home beside making it look [...]

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Pros And Cons of LVP and LVT Flooring That You Should Know

You have probably come across the words: LVP flooring or LVT flooring in your day to day activities. Did you care to ask what they mean? Well, if not, don’t worry anymore. In this article, I aim at delving into a deep discussion of the Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring. [...]

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5 Steps to Follow When Installing Laminate Flooring

If you decide to install the laminate flooring in your home, you must be prepared to keep your mind open to the many options there. From styles and types to sizes or installation procedures, the presence of layers of leaves in your home or office can make a significant difference in how the area feels, sounds [...]

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Cleaning Tips for Wood Flooring and More

Keep these tips in mind when cleaning your wood flooring and other materials Avoid swelling and deformation of wood floors by ensuring that there is very little moisture left behind by a mop. Also beware of very hot water that can cause the wood to crack and splinter. Fight stains and serious marks on varnished engineered [...]

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[Knowledge Base] Must-Know Tricks on Flooring Maintenance

After the installation of the flooring, due to the lack of maintenance knowledge, the flooring's life is greatly shortened, and is also caused by the inadvertent maintenance. Here are some tricks on how to take care of your flooring. 1. After Installation After the flooring is installed, wait for 48 hours. At this time, do [...]

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How To Solve Wood Flooring Color Difference Problem?

Firstly, why is there a color difference in wood flooring? The reason for the chromatic aberration of the floor is generally due to the difference in the variety, origin, color, texture, etc., the surface of the wood flooring usually have chromatic aberration. 1. Color difference between tree roots and treetops Some hardwood flooring is made [...]

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Advantages And Disadvantages of Multi Ply Engineered Wood Flooring

Advantages of Multi Ply Engineered Wood Flooring 1. The stability of the multi ply engineered wood flooring is better because its arrangement is criss-crossed. This arrangement creates good stability, so don't worry too much about the moisture deformation of this type of floor. It is a very stable floor. 2. The price of multi ply [...]

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